A Vision For Chippenham.

Helping Make Chippenham A Great Town.

It has so much to offer – exceptional road and rail connections, a Georgian High Street, the River Avon, beautiful countryside, a strong business community and a vibrant population. Yet for many years the town has suffered from the effects of poor planning, and a lack of investment, which has not helped the Town Centre. This has strangled the progression of the Town Centre and meant that has business has relocated elsewhere, all leaving a misperception of a Town with poor quality shops, traffic jams, no jobs and nothing for young people to do.

Our Philosophy

Chippenham 2020 LLP is a company formed with the purpose of promoting, planning and facilitating the development of an exemplar urban extension to the East of Chippenham. Chippenham 2020 believes that the scheme should be designed to take account of the employment, retail and recreational needs of the town and provide a solution that makes Chippenham Town Centre a destination of regional significance.