Chippenham 2020 purchased New Leaze Farm in 2009 with the intention of building an exemplar Eastern Extension to Chippenham. Abbeyfield, named after the school within its midst, benefits from unique and direct access to Chippenham Town Centre through Monkton Park, via the Sustrans cycle track and along the banks of the River Avon, making it a truly sustainable development.
Abbeyfield offers Chippenham an extraordinary opportunity to build a high quality mixed use development that can bring numerous benefits to the wider town. The development will provide the much needed Eastern Link Road that will relieve the current traffic congestion by taking traffic away from Chippenham Town Centre. It will also help reduce the current issues of Rat Run Traffic using the lanes running through the surrounding villages as drivers currently look for any route that does not involve driving through Chippenham.
The development is unique in that it is so close to the of the key elements of the town centre including the Railway Station, High Street and numerous public facilities, each of which are within easy walking or cycling distance from the scheme. Complimenting this location is the connectivity it will bring to Abbeyfield School and Stanley Park which were both originally built in anticipation of the expansion of Chippenham to the East and can become fully integrated and sustainably connected into the Town.
In undertaking the first phases of the detailed master planning for the scheme, the focus has been on bringing quality master planning to Chippenham and utilising the unique location and attributes available for the scheme. Care and thought has been given to minimising the geographical impact of the scheme on the landscape, whilst also looking to enhance the natural attributes such as the River corridors to make them accessible to the wider public for leisure and recreation.
Plans are ongoing and we look forward to working with Chippenham in bringing the scheme forward.