Community Benefits

The Eastern Distributor Road

Reducing Rat Run traffic and congestion in Chippenham Town Centre.
The new road will enable traffic to pass efficiently around the North and East of Chippenham from the M4 to Calne passing from Morrisons to the A4 Pewsham Roundabout. This will reduce the need for traffic to bypass Chippenham using the lanes through villages such as Christian Malford, Sutton Benger, Foxham, East Tytherton and Bremhill. Traffic monitoring has demonstrated that over 120 cars per hour are currently using these lanes at peak hours. Money earned through CIL contribution could also be used by to manage traffic in these areas.

The current town centre bottlenecks such as the Little George and Bridge Centre Roundabouts will also greatly benefit and help make the town centre an easier and more enjoyable place to visit. The potential to spur off the Eastern Distributor road to Cocklebury Raod will also aid access out from Monkton Park and into Chippenham Station.

Reducing the risk of flooding.

The water management plan demonstrates that the overall risk of flooding to areas such as Monkton Park and Chippenham Town Centre will reduce.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

This will provide a significant cash bonus to the local community to fund a wide range of much needed community services.

Protecting the Countryside

Chippenham 2020 would like to work with community groups to plan the future but envisage a Natural Conservation corridor along the Marden and a Community Corridor with parks sport and recreation along the Avon.

Abbeyfield brings numerous benefits to Chippenham Town Centre. Monkton Park will connect Abbeyfield with The Town Centre, Abbeyfield School, Monkton Park, The Railway Station, Hardens Mead and the River Avon Corridor. The Town will have an enhanced leisure and recreational corridor on its doorstep and this will provide a Green lung into the Town Centre from the East of Chippenham. The will also make the River Avon a natural conservation and wildlife corridor open to the community to enjoy, walking to and from the Town centre. The Eastern Link Road will provide a much-needed reduction in Traffic currently clogging the town and plaguing the surrounding villages.