The Eastern Link Road

This is the single most important piece of Infrastructure for Chippenham.

Chippenham Riverside (along with Rawlings Green) is in a unique position to deliver the new Eastern Link Road.

When completed, this will carry traffic from the A350 to the North of the town to the A4 in the East, significantly reducing town centre congestion. This will improve the daily lives of thousands of people in and around Chippenham, including those who live in the villages to the north east of the town who are currently plagued by “Rat Run” traffic through the country lanes.

It will open up new and valuable employment opportunities and make Chippenham a safer more attractive place to live. It will also make both Abbeyfield School and Stanley Park easily accessible, not only to the new houses, but also to all those who currently live in the northern half of the town who currently have to travel through the town centre.

Please note that the route of the road to the east of the river is yet to be decided and will be designed such that, in due course, it will be able to continue south of the A4, as the Southern Link Road, connecting right round the town to the A4 at or near the Lackham roundabout.